Teen Substance Abuse, Drug, and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Santa Rosa

Kids Off Chemicals is an intensive outpatient treatment program for substance abusing teens and their parents located in Santa Rosa, California. Our program is designed for kids ages 13 through 18 struggling with substance abuse along with their families. Professional counseling, parent coaching, group and family therapy, and ongoing support are just the beginning. We also teach kids how to have a good time without being high and help parents re-establish their authority.

Adolescence lasts roughly 3,000 days. It is a critical time where important social, psychological, and intellectual milestones are met – or not met as the case may be. If you’re the parent of a teen, you know how difficult this period is under the best of circumstances. Substance abuse adds to the turmoil, and without intervention usually leads to socially ill-equipped and psychologically immature adults.

If your teen is battling the demons associated with mood-altering substances of any kind and you live in the Santa Rosa / Sonoma area, this program is likley for you. You do not need to fight this battle alone. Send your request for treatment to Mark Falls PhD, or call our office for more information.

Kids Off Chemicals Book

You think your son or daughter is using drugs and/or alcohol. You have seen signs and found evidence that is impossible to explain any other way. You don’t know what to do.

This book is designed to answer these questions. It will provide you with a tried and true action plan to address your teen’s substance abuse behavior. Click the link below to download.

Download Kids Off Chemicals Book

Mark Falls, Ph.D., Director

Mark Falls, Ph.D., Director

Kids Off Chemicals

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